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/* Copyright (c) 1992 AT&T - All rights reserved. */
#include <libc.h>
#include <libg.h>
#include "libgint.h"

bitblt(Bitmap *d, Point p, Bitmap *s, Rectangle r, Fcode f)
      int sx, sy, dx, dy, bfunc;
      GC g;
      unsigned long plane;
      Bitmap *btmp;

      if(Dx(r)<=0 || Dy(r)<=0)
      sx = r.min.x;
      sy = r.min.y;
            sx -= s->r.min.x;
            sy -= s->r.min.y;
      dx = p.x;
      dy = p.y;
            dx -= d->r.min.x;
            dy -= d->r.min.y;
      g = _getcopygc(f, d, s, &bfunc);
      if(bfunc == UseCopyArea)
            XCopyArea(_dpy, (Drawable)s->id, (Drawable)d->id, g,
                  sx, sy, Dx(r), Dy(r), dx, dy);
      else if(bfunc == UseFillRectangle){
            XFillRectangle(_dpy, (Drawable)d->id, g,
                  dx, dy, Dx(r), Dy(r));
            /* bfunc == UseCopyPlane */
            plane = _ld2dmask[s->ldepth];
            plane &= ~(plane>>1);
            if(0/*f == S*/)
                  XCopyPlane(_dpy, (Drawable)s->id, (Drawable)d->id, g,
                        sx, sy, Dx(r), Dy(r), dx, dy, plane);
            else {
                   * CopyPlane can only do func code S,
                   * so copy src rect into a bitmap with the same depth
                   * as the dest, then do the bitblt from the tmp.
                   * This won't recurse again because we only get
                   * UseCopyPlane with differing bitmap depths
                  btmp = _balloc(Rect(0,0,Dx(r),Dy(r)), d->ldepth);
                  XCopyPlane(_dpy, (Drawable)s->id, (Drawable)btmp->id, g,
                        sx, sy, Dx(r), Dy(r), 0, 0, plane);
                  bitblt(d, p, btmp, btmp->r, f);


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