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#include <libc.h>
#include <libg.h>
#include "libgint.h"

 * m should be a 1-bit-deep bitmap with origin (0,0) and the
 * same extents as r.  s should have the same depth as d.
 * Rectangle r of s is copied to d wherever corresponding
 * bits of m are 1
copymasked(Bitmap *d, Point p, Bitmap *s, Bitmap *m, Rectangle r)
      int sx, sy, dx, dy;
      XGCValues gcv;
      GC g;

      if(Dx(r)<=0 || Dy(r)<=0)
      sx = r.min.x;
      sy = r.min.y;
            sx -= s->r.min.x;
            sy -= s->r.min.y;
      dx = p.x;
      dy = p.y;
            dx -= d->r.min.x;
            dy -= d->r.min.y;
      gcv.fill_style = FillStippled;
      gcv.stipple = (Pixmap)m->id;
      gcv.function = GXclear;
      gcv.ts_x_origin = dx;
      gcv.ts_y_origin = dy;
      gcv.fill_style = FillStippled;
      g = _getgc(d, GCFunction|GCStipple|GCTileStipXOrigin
            |GCTileStipYOrigin|GCFillStyle, &gcv);
      XFillRectangle(_dpy, (Drawable)d->id, g,
                  dx, dy, Dx(r), Dy(r));
      gcv.function = GXor;
      gcv.fill_style = FillSolid;
      g = _getgc(d, GCFunction|GCFillStyle, &gcv);
      XCopyArea(_dpy, (Drawable)s->id, (Drawable)d->id, g,
                  sx, sy, Dx(r), Dy(r), dx, dy);

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