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/* Copyright (c) 1992 AT&T - All rights reserved. */
#pragma     src   "/sys/src/libframe"
#pragma     lib   "libframe.a"

typedef struct Frbox Frbox;
typedef struct Frame Frame;

struct Frbox
      long        wid;        /* in pixels */
      long        nrune;            /* <0 ==> negate and treat as break char */
            uchar *ptr;
                  short bc;   /* break char */
                  short minwid;

struct Frame
      Font        *font;            /* of chars in the frame */
      Bitmap            *b;         /* on which frame appears */
      Rectangle   r;          /* in which text appears */
      Rectangle   entire;           /* of full frame */
      Frbox       *box;
      ulong       p0, p1;           /* selection */
      short       left;       /* left edge of text */
      ushort            nbox, nalloc;
      ushort            maxtab;           /* max size of tab, in pixels */
      ushort            nchars;           /* # runes in frame */
      ushort            nlines;           /* # lines with text */
      ushort            maxlines;   /* total # lines in frame */
      ushort            lastlinefull;     /* last line fills frame */
      ushort            modified;   /* changed since frselect() */

ulong frcharofpt(Frame*, Point);
Point frptofchar(Frame*, ulong);
int   frdelete(Frame*, ulong, ulong);
void  frinsert(Frame*, Rune*, Rune*, ulong);
void  frselect(Frame*, Mouse*);
void  frselectp(Frame*, Fcode);
void  frselectf(Frame*, Point, Point, Fcode);
void  frinit(Frame*, Rectangle, Font*, Bitmap*);
void  frsetrects(Frame*, Rectangle, Bitmap*);
void  frclear(Frame*);
void  frgetmouse(void);

uchar *_frallocstr(unsigned);
void  _frinsure(Frame*, int, unsigned);
Point _frdraw(Frame*, Point);
void  _frgrowbox(Frame*, int);
void  _frfreebox(Frame*, int, int);
void  _frmergebox(Frame*, int);
void  _frdelbox(Frame*, int, int);
void  _frsplitbox(Frame*, int, int);
int   _frfindbox(Frame*, int, ulong, ulong);
void  _frclosebox(Frame*, int, int);
int   _frcanfit(Frame*, Point, Frbox*);
void  _frcklinewrap(Frame*, Point*, Frbox*);
void  _frcklinewrap0(Frame*, Point*, Frbox*);
void  _fradvance(Frame*, Point*, Frbox*);
int   _frnewwid(Frame*, Point, Frbox*);
void  _frclean(Frame*, Point, int, int);
void  _frredraw(Frame*, Point);
void  _fraddbox(Frame*, int, int);
Point _frptofcharptb(Frame*, ulong, Point, int);
Point _frptofcharnb(Frame*, ulong, int);
int   _frstrlen(Frame*, int);

#define     NRUNE(b)    ((b)->nrune<0? 1 : (b)->nrune)
#define     NBYTE(b)    strlen((char*)(b)->a.ptr)

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