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/* Copyright (c) 1992 AT&T - All rights reserved. */
#ifndef _LIBG_H
#define _LIBG_H

    This header file is not defined in pure ANSI/POSIX
 *  Like Plan9's libg.h, but suitable for inclusion on non-Plan9 machines

enum{ EMAXMSG = 128+8192 };   /* max event size */

 * Types

typedef     struct      Bitmap            Bitmap;
typedef struct    Point       Point;
typedef struct    Rectangle   Rectangle;
typedef struct    Cursor            Cursor;
typedef struct    Mouse       Mouse;
typedef struct    Menu        Menu;
typedef struct    Font        Font;
typedef struct    Fontchar    Fontchar;
typedef struct    Subfont           Subfont;
typedef struct    Cachesubf   Cachesubf;
typedef struct    Event       Event;
typedef struct    RGB         RGB;

struct      Point
      int   x;
      int   y;

struct Rectangle
      Point min;
      Point max;

struct      Bitmap
      Rectangle r;            /* rectangle in data area, local coords */
      Rectangle clipr;  /* clipping region */
      int   ldepth;
      int   id;         /* as known by the X server */
      Bitmap      *cache;           /* zero; distinguishes bitmap from layer */
      int   flag;       /* flag used by X implementation of libg */

struct      Mouse
      int         buttons; /* bit array: LMR=124 */
      Point       xy;
      unsigned long     msec;

struct      Cursor
      Point       offset;
      unsigned char     clr[2*16];
      unsigned char     set[2*16];
      int         id;   /* init to zero; used by library */

struct Menu
      char  **item;
      char  *(*gen)(int);
      int   lasthit;

 * Subfonts:
 * The "true width", cwidth, is the sum of the left and right
 * bearings of the character - the number of pixels actually
 * occupied by the glyph.  The width, supplied by the server and
 * stored in field "width", is the number of pixels to advance to
 * the right beyond the origin of the current character to the origin
 * of the next character.

struct      Fontchar
      short       cwidth;           /* width of glyph */
      unsigned char     top;        /* first non-zero scan-line */
      unsigned char     bottom;           /* last non-zero scan-line */
      signed char left;       /* offset of baseline */
      unsigned char     width;            /* advance to next char's origin */

struct      Subfont
      short       minrow;     /* first character row in font (for X subfonts) */
      short       mincol;     /* first character col in font (for X subfonts) */
      short       minchar; /* first char code in subfont */
      short       maxchar; /* last char code in subfont */
      short       width;      /* number of chars in row */
      short       n;    /* number of chars in font */
      unsigned char     height;     /* height of bitmap */
      char        ascent;     /* top of bitmap to baseline */
      Fontchar    *info;      /* n+1 character descriptors */
      int         id;   /* of font */

struct      Cachesubf
      Rune        min;  /* rune value of 0th char in subfont */
      Rune        max;  /* rune value+1 of last char in subfont */
      char        *name;
      Subfont           *f;   /* attached subfont */

struct Font
      char        *name;
      unsigned char     height;     /* max height of bitmap, interline spacing */
      char        ascent;     /* top of bitmap to baseline */
      char        width;      /* widest so far; used in caching only */
      char        ldepth;     /* of images */
      short       id;   /* of font */
      short       nsubf;      /* number of subfonts */
      Cachesubf   *subf;      /* as read from file */

struct      Event
      int         kbdc;
      Mouse       mouse;
      int         n;          /* number of characters in mesage */
      unsigned char     data[EMAXMSG];    /* message from an arbitrary file descriptor */

struct RGB
      unsigned long     red;
      unsigned long     green;
      unsigned long     blue;

 * Codes for bitblt etc.
 *           D
 *         0   1
 *         ---------
 *     0 | 1 | 2 |
 *     S   |---|---|
 *     1 | 4 | 8 |
 *         ---------
 *    Usually used as D|S; DorS is so tracebacks are readable.
enum  Fcode
      Zero        = 0x0,
      DnorS       = 0x1,
      DandnotS    = 0x2,
      notS        = 0x3,
      notDandS    = 0x4,
      notD        = 0x5,
      DxorS       = 0x6,
      DnandS            = 0x7,
      DandS       = 0x8,
      DxnorS            = 0x9,
      D           = 0xA,
      DornotS           = 0xB,
      S           = 0xC,
      notDorS           = 0xD,
      DorS        = 0xE,
      F           = 0xF
} Fcode;

 * Miscellany

typedef void       (*Errfunc)(char *);

extern Point       add(Point, Point);
extern Point       sub(Point, Point);
extern Point       mul(Point, int);
extern Point       divpt(Point, int);
extern Rectangle rsubp(Rectangle, Point);
extern Rectangle raddp(Rectangle, Point);
extern Rectangle inset(Rectangle, int);
extern Rectangle rmul(Rectangle, int);
extern Rectangle rdiv(Rectangle, int);
extern Rectangle rshift(Rectangle, int);
extern Rectangle rcanon(Rectangle);
extern Bitmap*     balloc(Rectangle, int);
extern void  bfree(Bitmap*);
extern int   rectclip(Rectangle*, Rectangle);
extern void  xtbinit(Errfunc, char*, int*, char**, char**);
extern void  bclose(void);
extern void  berror(char*);
extern void  bitblt(Bitmap*, Point, Bitmap*, Rectangle, Fcode);
extern void  copymasked(Bitmap*, Point, Bitmap*, Bitmap*, Rectangle);
extern int   bitbltclip(void*);
extern Subfont*    getsubfont(char*);
extern Font *rdfontfile(char*, int);
extern void  ffree(Font*);
extern Font *mkfont(Subfont*);
extern void  subffree(Subfont*);
extern int   cachechars(Font*, char**, void*, int, int*, unsigned short*);
extern Point       string(Bitmap*, Point, Font*, char*, Fcode);
extern void  segment(Bitmap*, Point, Point, int, Fcode);
extern void  point(Bitmap*, Point, int, Fcode);
extern void  arc(Bitmap*, Point, Point, Point, int, Fcode);
extern void  circle(Bitmap*, Point, int, int, Fcode);
extern void  disc(Bitmap*, Point, int, int, Fcode);
extern void  ellipse(Bitmap*, Point, int, int, int, Fcode);
extern void  polysegment(Bitmap *, int, Point *, int, Fcode);
extern long  strwidth(Font*, char*);
extern Point       strsize(Font*, char*);
extern long  charwidth(Font*, Rune);
extern void  texture(Bitmap*, Rectangle, Bitmap*, Fcode);
extern void  wrbitmap(Bitmap*, int, int, unsigned char*);
extern void  rdbitmap(Bitmap*, int, int, unsigned char*);
extern void  wrbitmapfile(int, Bitmap*);
extern Bitmap*     rdbitmapfile(int);
extern int   ptinrect(Point, Rectangle);
extern int   rectXrect(Rectangle, Rectangle);
extern int   eqpt(Point, Point);
extern int   eqrect(Rectangle, Rectangle);
extern void  border(Bitmap*, Rectangle, int, Fcode);
extern void  cursorswitch(Cursor*);
extern void  cursorset(Point);
extern Rectangle bscreenrect(Rectangle*);
extern void  bflush(void);
extern int   clipline(Rectangle, Point*, Point*);
extern int   clipr(Bitmap*, Rectangle);
extern int   scrpix(int*,int*);

extern void  einit(unsigned long);
extern unsigned long estart(unsigned long, int, int);
extern unsigned long etimer(unsigned long, long);
extern unsigned long event(Event*);
extern unsigned long eread(unsigned long, Event*);
extern Mouse       emouse(void);
extern int   ekbd(void);
extern int   ecanread(unsigned long);
extern int   ecanmouse(void);
extern int   ecankbd(void);
extern void  ereshaped(Rectangle);  /* supplied by user */
extern void  eflush(unsigned long);
extern int   menuhit(int, Mouse*, Menu*);
extern Rectangle getrect(int, Mouse*);
extern unsigned long rgbpix(Bitmap*, RGB);
extern void  rdcolmap(Bitmap*, RGB*);
extern void  wrcolmap(Bitmap*, RGB*);

/* Extra functions supplied by libXg */
extern int  snarfswap(char*, int, char**);
extern int  scrollfwdbut(void);

      Emouse            = 1,
      Ekeyboard   = 2

extern Point       Pt(int, int);
extern Rectangle Rect(int, int, int, int);
extern Rectangle Rpt(Point, Point);

#define     Dx(r) ((r).max.x-(r).min.x)
#define     Dy(r) ((r).max.y-(r).min.y)

extern      Bitmap      screen;
extern      Font  *font;

#define     BGSHORT(p)        (((p)[0]<<0) | ((p)[1]<<8))
#define     BGLONG(p)         ((BGSHORT(p)<<0) | (BGSHORT(p+2)<<16))
#define     BPSHORT(p, v)           ((p)[0]=(v), (p)[1]=((v)>>8))
#define     BPLONG(p, v)            (BPSHORT(p, (v)), BPSHORT(p+2, (v)>>16))


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