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/* Copyright (c) 1992 AT&T - All rights reserved. */
#include <u.h>
#include <libc.h>
#include "errors.h"

 * BLOCKSIZE is relatively small to keep memory consumption down.

#define     BLOCKSIZE   2048
#define     RUNESIZE    sizeof(Rune)
#define     NDISC       5
#define     NBUFFILES   3+2*NDISC   /* plan 9+undo+snarf+NDISC*(transcript+buf) */
#define NSUBEXP   10

#define     TRUE        1
#define     FALSE       0

#define     INFINITY    0x7FFFFFFFL
#define     INCR        25
#define     STRSIZE           (2*BLOCKSIZE)

typedef long            Posn;       /* file position or address */
typedef     ushort            Mod;        /* modification number */

typedef struct Address  Address;
typedef struct Block    Block;
typedef struct Buffer   Buffer;
typedef struct Disc     Disc;
typedef struct Discdesc Discdesc;
typedef struct File     File;
typedef struct List     List;
typedef struct Mark     Mark;
typedef struct Range    Range;
typedef struct Rangeset Rangeset;
typedef struct String   String;

enum State
      Clean =           ' ',
      Dirty =           '\'',
      Unread =    '-',
      Readerr =   '~'

struct Range
      Posn  p1, p2;

struct Rangeset
      Range p[NSUBEXP];

struct Address
      Range r;
      File  *f;

struct List /* code depends on a long being able to hold a pointer */
      int   nalloc;
      int   nused;
            void  *listp;
            Block *blkp;
            long  *longp;
            uchar*      *ucharp;
            String*     *stringp;
            File* *filep;
            long  listv;

#define     listptr           g.listp
#define     blkptr            g.blkp
#define     longptr           g.longp
#define     ucharpptr   g.ucharp
#define     stringpptr  g.stringp
#define     filepptr    g.filep
#define     listval           g.listv

 * Block must fit in a long because the list routines manage arrays of
 * blocks.  Two problems: some machines (e.g. Cray) can't pull this off
 * -- on them, use bitfields -- and the ushort bnum limits temp file sizes
 * to about 200 megabytes.  Advantages: small, simple code and small
 * memory overhead.  If you really want to edit huge files, making BLOCKSIZE
 * bigger is the easiest way.
* The necessary conditions are even stronger:
*        sizeof(struct Block)==sizeof(long)
*     && the first 32 bits must hold bnum and nrunes.
* When sizeof(ushort)+sizeof(short) < sizeof(long),
* add padding at the beginning on a little endian and at
* the end on a big endian, as shown below for the DEC Alpha.
struct Block
      ushort      bnum;       /* absolute number on disk */
      short nrunes;           /* runes stored in this block */
#ifdef __alpha__
      char  pad[sizeof(long)-sizeof(ushort)-sizeof(short)];

struct Discdesc
      int   fd;         /* plan 9 file descriptor of temp file */
      ulong nbk;        /* high water mark */
      List  free;       /* array of free block indices */

struct Disc
      Discdesc *desc;         /* descriptor of temp file */
      Posn  nrunes;           /* runes on disc file */
      List  block;            /* list of used block indices */

struct String
      short n;
      short size;
      Rune  *s;

struct Buffer
      Disc  *disc;            /* disc storage */
      Posn  nrunes;           /* total length of buffer */
      String      cache;            /* in-core storage for efficiency */
      Posn  c1, c2;           /* cache start and end positions in disc */
                        /* note: if dirty, cache is really c1, c1+cache.n */
      int   dirty;            /* cache dirty */

#define     NGETC 128

struct File
      Buffer      *buf;       /* cached disc storage */
      Buffer      *transcript;      /* what's been done */
      Posn  markp;            /* file pointer to start of latest change */
      Mod   mod;        /* modification stamp */
      Posn  nrunes;           /* total length of file */
      Posn  hiposn;           /* highest address touched this Mod */
      Address     dot;        /* current position */
      Address     ndot;       /* new current position after update */
      Range tdot;       /* what terminal thinks is current range */
      Range mark;       /* tagged spot in text (don't confuse with Mark) */
      List  *rasp;            /* map of what terminal's got */
      String      name;       /* file name */
      short tag;        /* for communicating with terminal */
      char  state;            /* Clean, Dirty, Unread, or Readerr*/
      char  closeok;    /* ok to close file? */
      char  deleted;    /* delete at completion of command */
      char  marked;           /* file has been Fmarked at least once; once
                         * set, this will never go off as undo doesn't
                         * revert to the dawn of time */
      long  dev;        /* file system from which it was read */
      long  qid;        /* file from which it was read */
      long  date;       /* time stamp of plan9 file */
      Posn  cp1, cp2;   /* Write-behind cache positions and */
      String      cache;            /* string */
      Rune  getcbuf[NGETC];
      int   ngetc;
      int   getci;
      Posn  getcp;

struct Mark
      Posn  p;
      Range dot;
      Range mark;
      Mod   m;
      short s1;

 * The precedent to any message in the transcript.
 * The component structures must be an integral number of Runes long.
union Hdr
      struct _csl
            short c;
            short s;
            long  l;
      struct _cs
            short c;
            short s;
      struct _cll
            short c;
            long  l;
            long  l1;
      Mark  mark;

#define     Fgetc(f)  ((--(f)->ngetc<0)? Fgetcload(f, (f)->getcp) : (f)->getcbuf[(f)->getcp++, (f)->getci++])
#define     Fbgetc(f) (((f)->getci<=0)? Fbgetcload(f, (f)->getcp) : (f)->getcbuf[--(f)->getcp, --(f)->getci])

int   alnum(int);
void  Bclean(Buffer*);
void  Bterm(Buffer*);
void  Bdelete(Buffer*, Posn, Posn);
void  Bflush(Buffer*);
void  Binsert(Buffer*, String*, Posn);
Buffer      *Bopen(Discdesc*);
int   Bread(Buffer*, Rune*, int, Posn);
void  Dclose(Disc*);
void  Ddelete(Disc*, Posn, Posn);
void  Dinsert(Disc*, Rune*, int, Posn);
Disc  *Dopen(Discdesc*);
int   Dread(Disc*, Rune*, int, Posn);
void  Dreplace(Disc*, Posn, Posn, Rune*, int);
int   Fbgetcload(File*, Posn);
int   Fbgetcset(File*, Posn);
long  Fchars(File*, Rune*, Posn, Posn);
void  Fclose(File*);
void  Fdelete(File*, Posn, Posn);
int   Fgetcload(File*, Posn);
int   Fgetcset(File*, Posn);
void  Finsert(File*, String*, Posn);
File  *Fopen(void);
void  Fsetname(File*, String*);
void  Fstart(void);
int   Fupdate(File*, int, int);
int   Read(int, void*, int);
void  Seek(int, long, int);
int   plan9(File*, int, String*, int);
int   Write(int, void*, int);
int   bexecute(File*, Posn);
void  cd(String*);
void  closefiles(File*, String*);
void  closeio(Posn);
void  cmdloop(void);
void  cmdupdate(void);
void  compile(String*);
void  copy(File*, Address);
File  *current(File*);
void  delete(File*);
void  delfile(File*);
void  dellist(List*, int);
void  doubleclick(File*, Posn);
void  dprint(char*, ...);
void  edit(File*, int);
void  *emalloc(ulong);
void  *erealloc(void*, ulong);
void  error(Err);
void  error_c(Err, int);
void  error_s(Err, char*);
int   execute(File*, Posn, Posn);
int   filematch(File*, String*);
void  filename(File*);
File  *getfile(String*);
int   getname(File*, String*, int);
long  getnum(void);
void  hiccough(char*);
void  inslist(List*, int, long);
Address     lineaddr(Posn, Address, int);
void  listfree(List*);
void  load(File*);
File  *lookfile(String*);
void  lookorigin(File*, Posn, Posn);
int   lookup(int);
void  move(File*, Address);
void  moveto(File*, Range);
File  *newfile(void);
void  nextmatch(File*, String*, Posn, int);
int   newtmp(int);
void  notifyf(void*, char*);
void  panic(char*);
void  printposn(File*, int);
void  print_ss(char*, String*, String*);
void  print_s(char*, String*);
int   rcv(void);
Range rdata(List*, Posn, Posn);
Posn  readio(File*, int*, int);
void  rescue(void);
void  resetcmd(void);
void  resetsys(void);
void  resetxec(void);
void  rgrow(List*, Posn, Posn);
void  samerr(char*);
void  settempfile(void);
int   skipbl(void);
void  snarf(File*, Posn, Posn, Buffer*, int);
void  sortname(File*);
void  startup(char*, int, char**, char**);
void  state(File*, int);
int   statfd(int, ulong*, ulong*, long*, long*, long*);
int   statfile(char*, ulong*, ulong*, long*, long*, long*);
void  Straddc(String*, int);
void  Strclose(String*);
int   Strcmp(String*, String*);
void  Strdelete(String*, Posn, Posn);
void  Strdupl(String*, Rune*);
void  Strduplstr(String*, String*);
void  Strinit(String*);
void  Strinit0(String*);
void  Strinsert(String*, String*, Posn);
void  Strinsure(String*, ulong);
void  Strzero(String*);
int   Strlen(Rune*);
char  *Strtoc(String*);
void  syserror(char*);
void  telldot(File*);
void  tellpat(void);
String      *tmpcstr(char*);
String      *tmprstr(Rune*, int);
void  freetmpstr(String*);
void  termcommand(void);
void  termwrite(char*);
File  *tofile(String*);
void  toterminal(File*, int);
void  trytoclose(File*);
void  trytoquit(void);
int   undo(void);
void  update(void);
int   waitfor(int);
void  warn(Warn);
void  warn_s(Warn, char*);
void  warn_SS(Warn, String*, String*);
void  warn_S(Warn, String*);
int   whichmenu(File*);
void  writef(File*);
Posn  writeio(File*);
Discdesc *Dstart(void);

extern Rune samname[];  /* compiler dependent */
extern Rune *left[];
extern Rune *right[];

extern char RSAM[];           /* system dependent */
extern char SAMTERM[];
extern char HOME[];
extern char TMPDIR[];
extern char SH[];
extern char SHPATH[];
extern char RX[];
extern char RXPATH[];
extern char SAMSAVECMD[];

extern char *rsamname;  /* globals */
extern char *samterm;
extern Rune genbuf[];
extern char *genc;
extern int  io;
extern int  patset;
extern int  quitok;
extern Address    addr;
extern Buffer     *undobuf;
extern Buffer     *snarfbuf;
extern Buffer     *plan9buf;
extern List file;
extern List tempfile;
extern File *cmd;
extern File *curfile;
extern File *lastfile;
extern Mod  modnum;
extern Posn cmdpt;
extern Posn cmdptadv;
extern Rangeset   sel;
extern String     cmdstr;
extern String     genstr;
extern String     lastpat;
extern String     lastregexp;
extern String     plan9cmd;
extern int  downloaded;
extern int  eof;
extern int  bpipeok;
extern int  panicking;
extern Rune empty[];
extern int  termlocked;
extern int  noflush;

#include "mesg.h"

void  outTs(Hmesg, int);
void  outT0(Hmesg);
void  outTl(Hmesg, long);
void  outTslS(Hmesg, int, long, String*);
void  outTS(Hmesg, String*);
void  outTsS(Hmesg, int, String*);
void  outTsllS(Hmesg, int, long, long, String*);
void  outTsll(Hmesg, int, long, long);
void  outTsl(Hmesg, int, long);
void  outTsv(Hmesg, int, long);
void  outstart(Hmesg);
void  outcopy(int, void*);
void  outshort(int);
void  outlong(long);
void  outvlong(void*);
void  outsend(void);
void  outflush(void);

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